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We moved from St. Louis to the Chicago Area in June of 2015. We had gone through the experience of building 2 previous homes so we were familiar with the process. We talked with 2 other builders in th ...

Scott & Elizabeth Brennan
Stewart Ridge, Plainfield

About DJK Homes


More Than A Home Builder

DJK Custom Homes is more than just a homebuilder. We are the relationships that we have built over the years and the name that we have created in the community. We are committed to building homes that are not only beautiful, but are healthy and energy efficient as well. DJK Custom Homes is built upon Dan Kittilsen's dream to provide members of the community something that they can enjoy for years and years as their families grow together. Dan Kittilsen and his wife Kim founded DJK Custom Homes in 1988.

Quality craftsmanship, efficient design, unsurpassed customer service, and experience are some of the core values of our company. DJK Custom Homes has earned a reputation that we are proud of. Over the past 24 years we have designed and constructed some of the most beautiful homes, each one unique in its own way. Our homes range from $300,000 to over $2 million dollars. We will not settle for more to give you less. Our homes are built to last you a lifetime and provide a safe and healthy living environment for you and your family.

High Performance Building

Here at DJK we strive to build a home that is welcoming & comfortable, yet cost effective and environmentally friendly. We reach this goal by incorporating high performance building practices and energy efficient products in to each and every home we build. High Performance Building is the outcome of the design that focuses on increasing the energy efficiency of a home through the use of products and techniques such as air sealing and proper insulation, therefore providing you with a home that is healthy to live in, has a lower ownership cost, added confidence, and provides better performance. Many of the High Performance Products that we use are made from recycled materials that reduce the impact of building on the environment.


Every DJK Home is covered by a standard 2-Year in house builder warranty as well as a 10 year structural warranty. We stand behind the homes we build because we care!

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Customer Service is a key value of DJK Custom Homes. Approximately two weeks prior to the closing of each new home is our new home buyer orientation, in which one of our experts will familiarize you with all of the features of your new home. After the closing of every new home our dedicated staff will continue to provide each and every buyer with incomparable customer service.

Design & Build

DJK is committed to giving you a personal experience, you will work directly with Dan Kittilsen and his team during the entire building process. Creating a true custom home takes time and attention; at DJK we work to bring your visions to reality. DJK has a mission to create a home that fits your lifestyle. We achieve this by understanding your visions and lending over 24 years of building experience.

Competitive Pricing

At DJK Custom Homes we offer you top quality custom homes with unparalleled craftsmanship, for a price that is the most competitive in the market. One thing that sets DJK apart from its competitors is simply said in our slogan, The Difference is in the Details. Here at DJK Custom Homes we offer you the best service, products, and building practices in the industry for the best prices. We make it our goal to assure you get the most out of your new home purchase. Our homes also yield a better return on investment thanks to our energy efficient, green building practices.


As a kid Dan Kittilsen was building anything he could think of, little did he know a business was in the works. From the age fifteen until twenty two, Dan spent his time laying brick, framing homes, doing interior millwork, and going to school as an Architecture student. While in their early twenties Dan and Kim had the desire to create homes that would exhibit superb quality and craftsmanship. This is when they took the initiative to follow their dreams. In 1988 they opened the doors to DJK Custom Homes Inc. From its inception, to today, Dan and Kim still have the same hands on philosophy, and over the past twenty four years have developed a company known for its creativity in design, superb craftsmanship, and a critical eye for every little detail.

Financial Stability

Financial stability is another reason why buyers are still coming to DJK Custom Homes to build a comfortable and welcoming home for their family. Since our inception in 1988, Dan and Kim Kittilsen, have prided themselves in always maintaining flawless credit and never overspending. In times like today this is just another reason why buyers trust in DJK. DJK is your builder for life.