Floor Plan Styles

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What's Your Style?

When building a new home for the first time or second it is important to understand the architectural style that fits your own personal style and tastes. At DJK Custom Homes we understand the importance in owning a home that is designed differently than the one next door from the front elevation on the exterior to the entire design on the interior, that is why DJK Custom Homes offers new home buyers the ability to choose from professionally designed front elevations for their homes between a traditional style, craftsman style, old world style, or an entirely custom design.

Craftsman Style

19Craftsman style homes are characterized by a low-pitched gable roof with decorative beams or brackets underneath. Wide eaves are unenclosed, featuring exposed rafters to give the home more elements that cater to the craftsmanship style. Enjoy covered porches that are in partial or full length with massive supporting columns that are decorative with wooden, stone, or siding finishing. Also, enjoy brick or stone colors that make the home feel natural.

Modern Farmhouse Style

19The Modern Farmhouse style is inspired by the old architectural details found in traditional farmhouses built long ago and transforming it with new modern design elements and technologies. The Modern Farmhouse style continues to feature steep gable roofs, large front porches, elegant window designs, and hints of different materials used on different sections of the exterior for a unique added touch.

Rustic Lodge Style

19The Rustic Lodge inspired home style will make anyone feel as if they have escaped the everyday. These homes are inspired by the rustic homes that are found alongside the slopes of Vail and Aspen in Colorado. The rustic lodge style homes are generally known for their rustic details, and ability to bring us closer to nature with views of the outdoors. The common details presented on the exterior of these homes are heavy exposed wood beams with stone detail accents, as well as gables and braces. The rustic lodge inspired home style will effortlessly blend to each community. The combination of rustic design with state of the art home amenities make Rustic Lodge Lodge inspired homes desirable for everyone.

Traditional Style

19Traditional style homes allow for casual living. This style is a perfect home for new growing families and individuals that are looking for a house with an old fashioned charm with a modern lifestyle.

Old World Style

19The Old World Style homes display a rich rustic elegant structural design that is inviting, warm, and comfortable. Typical design elements include curved arches, soft lines, and stonework on the exterior to give the home a design that is timeless with its time-worn elements.