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Our entire experience with DJK was a pleasure. We went over the plans of what we wanted in our home and were amazed to find out so much was standard in the base price. As far as any extras we did deci ...

Vincent Walsh
Grande Park, Plainfield

Homeowner Testimonials

The team at DJK Homes made us feel like our biggest life investment was a top priority for them. They returned phone calls and emails immediately. They also accommodated our busy schedules and childcare restrictions with late evening and weekend meetings. They researched EVERY inquiry we made with regards to upgrade options, vendors, pricing, and timelines.

Building a home can be a time consuming and stressful process. But we can honestly say that the custom home building process was truly an all around great experience with the team at DJK Homes. They manage relationships with vendors graciously, but are advocates for the homeowner first.

In addition to their remarkable service, they have turned out a quality home and great product. They have been in the business for over 24 years and are now building green-certified/ energy efficient homes. With their expertise and suggestions, we were able to invest in upgrades and green features that aligned with our daily routines and lifestyles. We now have a house that is designed for our families needs, is better for the environment, and has enough personalized style to feel like a home! Our sincere thanks go out to the team at DJK Homes for helping make our dream home a reality. We have recommended you to all of our friends and family and will continue to do so!

Raju & Hiral Patel | Stewart Ridge, Plainfield

DJK Custom Homes Inc. has been in the construction industry for over two decades and has acquired a plethora of satisfied customers during this illustrious career. Longevity speaks volumes, especially when the longevity is signified by glowing endorsements. My story as one of those satisfied customers certainly corroborates this statement.

The relationship between DJK Homes, Inc. and myself developed over a challenge. For years my wife and I had been wanting to have a ranch home built that would include a garage that could accommodate all of our vintage automobiles, and after consulting several builders over several years, we had given up hope. So, the day that we happened into the DJK Homes, Inc. office, we presented Dan Kittilsen, owner and General Contractor of DJK Homes, Inc. with this challenge. Well, he picked up the gauntlet and ran with it, assuring us that he loved a good challenge and that he could do it, and do it to our fullest satisfaction. It was then that I began to see the tenacity and expertise that I have since come to appreciate from Dan and his company. His attention to detail, his work ethic, and his desire to deliver a quality product were all borne out in this exercise. Needless to say, Dan did design us an awesome garage, which is still the envy of everyone privy to view it. Moreover, throughout our building experience, Dan Kittilsen, took every measure to be attentive and responsive to all our needs. He took the time to really understand our vision and demonstrated an enthusiasm that paralleled our own. It was refreshing to partner with Dan and DJK Homes, Inc. and benefit from their expert guidance, dedication to quality, and commitment to building us a stunning home.

Kirk & Yolanda Willis | Stewart Ridge, Plainfield

When it came to choosing a builder for our new home, there were many decisions to factor. My husband and I spent a lot of time researching the differences between all the different companies that are out there.

In the end, we chose DJK Builders and we could not be happier with our decision! There are so many qualities that set Dan and his team apart from the myriad of other companies out there.

The most important of these is QUALITY. There is so much attention to detail that Dan puts in each of his homes that really results in a unique custom built home. From the most minor of interior details (such as trim work around all interior windows, arch-ways, etc), to the countless ways he can customize any model home, Dan really exceeded our expectations in making our dream home a reality.

As with any new home, there will always be loose ends to tie up. However, the difference with DJK is how promptly and swiftly those matters are handled. We have been extremely satisfied with the efficiency with which these issues are resolved (thanks to Ally who is wonderful with coordinating all the subcontractors). We have had many friends who built homes around the same time, using other builders, who were very displeased with the lack of response in getting their builders to correct or fix things once they moved in. Dan has organized his team to have systems in place to bridge the gap so that even after you move in, your concerns are not brushed aside or ignored. They are handled professionally and to completion in a timely manner.

We have been in our home now for 2 years. We continue to get so many compliments from our friends and family on so many aspects of the home, mostly the attention to detail.

We are extremely thankful to have found Dan and DJK Builders and LOVE the home they have built for us. So many homeowners unfortunately do not have this experience with their builders. We would strongly recommend DJK to anyone who is considering building a new home. From the superior quality of construction to the fine attention to little details, DJK is leaps and bounds ahead of any other builder out there.

Thank you, Dan (and your team), for all your hard work that has given us something to smile about when we come home every day!

K & S Patel | Stewart Ridge, Plainfield

My family and I were fortunate enough to have purchased a DJK home in July, 2005. We were initially impressed with the overall beauty and quality of the home. What other builders considered upgrades, came standard in the DJK models. Everything about a DJK home from the trim and moldings, upgraded appliances and fixtures, gorgeous countertops, cabinetry and flooring all make it special, but what truly impressed us was Dan’s attention to detail, his philanthropic involvement within the community, and his ability to continue to create a superior home even in such a challenging economic time. Our home has remained in great condition without any major issues for the past seven years. We love it as much today as the day we purchased it! Should the opportunity arise, we wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another DJK home! Nate and Valerie Phippen

Nate & Valerie Phippen | Grande Park, Plainfield

Our entire experience with DJK was a pleasure. We went over the plans of what we wanted in our home and were amazed to find out so much was standard in the base price. As far as any extras we did decide on, we knew in advance what the cost would be. The businesses we dealt with in making our selections for carpeting, cabinets, etc, were very helpful and patient as we made our choices. The quality and craftsmanship of our home is outstanding. We have a beautiful home and would highly recommend building with DJK Custom Homes.

Vincent Walsh | Grande Park, Plainfield