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We moved from St. Louis to the Chicago Area in June of 2015. We had gone through the experience of building 2 previous homes so we were familiar with the process. We talked with 2 other builders in th ...

Scott & Elizabeth Brennan
Stewart Ridge, Plainfield

Healthy Living


Building A Healthy Home Is Not Easy

Building a healthy home requires a certain level of knowledge. Many homebuilders over the years have not considered the indoor air quality and overall health of the living environments they create. Without proper research and implementation, a beautiful home may turn in to a less than optimal environment for overall lung health, allergies, and more. At DJK Custom Homes we build homes that are individually designed to promote the best indoor air quality, which will allow your family to live comfortably and healthy in your home for years to come.

What are the advantages of building a healthy home?
  • Increase energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs
  • Improved indoor air quality reduces allergies and sickness
  • Materials that contain no toxins and are environmentally friendly
  • Less maintenance because the home functions as a system
  • Your home will retain its value over time
How is a healthy home achieved?
  • Advanced framing techniques
  • Air sealing to prevent random air leakage
  • Advanced insulation techniques and materials
  • High performance, energy efficient windows and doors
  • Energy efficient appliances and lighting
  • Advanced air filtration systems
  • Indoor/outdoor air exchange ventilation systems
  • Humidity control