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June 7th, 2017

6 Popular Garage Storage Solutions

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We may not think about it often, but our garages play a very big role in our everyday lives. Of course, they protect our vehicles from the elements. But more often than not, they also become a dumping grounds for tools, cleaning products, and seasonal gear. We have come up with a list of smart storage solutions can help you eliminate clutter and keep your garage organized.



1. Shoe Storage.
To enter your home 9 out of 10 times you are entering through the garage. If shoes are not allowed to be worn into your home, this is a great place for them to pile up. A shoe organizer that is built in can instantly clear the floor.


2. A multipurpose bench.
Offered as a standard feature in our homes in the mudroom next to the garage door keeps outdoor gear tidy. A Lower cozy bench seat and lower cubbies make it easy for kids to remember to take off their coats, caps, and gloves when they come inside.

3. A garage loft.

High garage ceilings are a great solution to free up storage space in tighter garages, as shown in this garage. The pictured loft almost acts s like an attic with a low-clearance ceiling height and retractable ladder.


4. A slat wall system

Working away from the traditional hung pegboards. The slat wall system may often be seen in retail stores to keep their merchandise off the floor but within reach. The type of system can be installed in your garage wth different hooks and shelves to fit into horizontal slats, making for a customized storage center with minimal effort. The hooks for this type of system can hold anything from skis to toys to lawn chairs to lawn care

5. Custom Built-In Cabinetry.
Custom built-in cabinets are totally worth the cost if you can swing it. The wall to wall and floor ceiling cabinetry make it easy to keep everything tidy. It is the most costly but Custom built-in cabinets, drawers, and shelves can help you clear clutter and stay organized.

6. Car Lift.
A car lift offers the ability to store an additional veicle, often a sports car or off road sport utility vehicle without sacrificing any floor space in the garage or having to add an additional garage bay area that may be limited to any given homesite.


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