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March 30th, 2017

Architectural Elements To Create Your Very Own Modern Farmhouse

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Modern Farm House style homes have been receiving a lot of buzz lately. It’s a style that has been inspired by a classic vernacular style. Taking elements from the original period architecture, mixing them up and giving them a twist or two to turn them into something new and modern for this day and age. We had the opportunity to build a Modern Farm House style home in Naperville, IL that included solar and high level green designations including LEED Platinum level, NAHB Green Emerald, and EPA Indoor Air Plus.

1. The Front Porch.
The front porch is a key aesthetic to complementing the Farm House style. With any Modern Farm House designed home the front porch is taken and given a different spin to give it Whether it spans the entire front elevation, wraps around, or is small and enclosed on three sides, the front porch is a welcoming farmhouse touch. The overhangs on the front porch, depending on the front orientation of the home allows for keeping direct sunlight out.


2. Barn style lighting.
Gooseneck lamps and other barn-style lighting bring the look of the home together. The simplicity of barn-style lighting fits perfectly with the modern style that you are looking to accomplish.



3. Metal roof.
The metal roof is one of the most durable roofing materials that money can buy. The metal roof also brings the original farmhouse style through its streamlined design that is just right to give the home an updated farmhouse look.



4. Shaker-style cabinetry.
The shaker profile has a classic simplicity thtat fits right in with just about every design style, from traditional to contemporary and modern style with no exception. The clean simple lines and straightforward boxy profiles are just right for a modern farmhouse.


5. Barn doors.
Without a doubt one of the most popular trends for homes that shows no sign of slowing down. The barn sliding doors can be incorporated in almost any space.







6. Exposed beams.
In a room with vaulted ceilings, exposed beam details ties in the barn look. By adding reclaimed beams from a barn give the home a sense of age and history in the modern farmhouse mix.



7. Wide plank floors.
Wide plank floors set the modern farmhouse style apart by providing nice and wide floorboards that would be found in a barn. There are many ventures that salvage these types of floors from old building that are planned demolition.



8. Farmhouse Sink.
The farmhouse sink adds a feeling of nostalgia to a kitchen through it’s sense of character and rustic character. There are redesigned versions from the traditional farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks are great for washing big items, but it also means you will need a lot more water to fill it than your typical sink.


9. Tongue and Groove Paneling, shiplap, and butt boards.

A classic farmhouse would not have drywall. These types of wall treatments add a fun and unique homey texture to the walls. They also offer a more modern look when painted white.


If you are in the market to update your current home or incorporate the Modern Farm House style into your current, we would love for the opportunity to help you with the design!

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